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Automated External Defibrillator
AED Accessories Rescue tools Course I
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The brand, CALLOS, is committed to designing products suitable for customers, paying attention to details: from the printed Chinese traditional and English words on the products to the slight difference in function. Focus on product details, provide product maintenance, parts distribution, product after-sales services, etc.


AED Cabinets
Product code AED-CAB-02 AED-COS-03 AED-COS-04 AED-COS-05
Photo AED Cabinet AED Box AED Cabinet Outdoor AED Box
Size(H*W*D)cm 38*43*15.5 cm 38*43*15.5 cm 48*38*24 cm 160*45*24 cm
Wall mounted  
Table top  
Floor mounted      
Indoor use    
Outdoor use    
Strobe light      
Alarm volume regulator      
External alarm lock      
Instruction AED-CAB-02 AED-COS-03 AED-COS-04 AED-COS-05
AED Signages
Product code AED-SIG-WL01 AED-SIG-FT01 AED-SIG-WD01  
Product Name 3D Wall Signage Flat Signage Flat (Window) Signage  
Photo AED Signage AED Flat Signage AED Flat Signage  
Description -Pre-drilled mounting holes
-Metal plate
-23H*27W*12D cm
-Adhesive back
-Plastic plate
-26H*18W*0.03T cm
-Adhesive front
-Plastic plate
-26H*18W*0.03T cm
-For placement on the inside of a building for viewing from the outside
Price HKD 150 HKD 60 HKD 60  
Instruction Product instructions  
First Aid Kits
Product code COS-FRK-03   BOM-OW49  
Product Name First responder kit   First Aid Kit  
Photo AED Kits AED Kits First Aid Box  
Size(H*W*D)cm 15*15*4 cm   31*21*12 cm  
Description -1 carrying pouch
-1 mouth barrier mask with valve
-1 pair of trauma scissors
-2 disposable alcohol wipes
-2 pairs of disposable gloves
-1 disposable wipe
-Wall mounted & handy
-Clear inner plates
-Include items for  Appendix 5 (Other workplaces)
-For 10-49 employees
Price HKD 250   HKD 290  
Instruction     BOM-OW49  
Artificial Respiration Barriers
Product code COS-MASK-POC AMB-BVM-331100 DYN-FS-5042 PRI-FS-8632
Product Name CPR Pocket Mask Bag Valve Mask CPR Face Shield CPR Face Shield
Photo Pocket Mask BVM Face Shield Dynarex Face Shield Primacare
Brand CALLOS Ambu Spur II Dynarex Primacare
Description -One-way disposable valve with filter
-Storage case
-Disposable gloves
-Alcohol wipe
-For adult patient
Single use
-One way valve eliminates blow back to caregiver
Barrier filter
-One way valve eliminates blow back to caregiver
Barrier filter
Price HKD 130 Call for price HKD30 HKD 30
Instruction   Description